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Porcelain Wildflower Bowls

These pretty porcelain bowls are hand formed, glazed and fired. Each bowl has a delft blue wildflower stamp in the centre.

Each piece is an individual, the clay is allowed to curve and form as it dries, giving each bowl a unique shape and natural form.

This bowl has an natural texture and a strong food safe glaze. They are porcelain and highly durable. They also make beautiful display pieces.

You can use your bowls for tea, for serving dips or sides, as prep dishes or as jewellery and trinket keepsakes.

These bowls can be made to order, as a set, or even with personalised initials stamped in to the underside. They make a lovely unusual new home or wedding gift.

All my plates in this range are mix and match, you can choose from a number of decorative stamps to make a truly unique set.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping on custom orders.


Measures: 9.5 cm


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