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Bright Painted Bar Stools

These cool repurposed stools will look amazing in a kitchen or bar. They have been hand painted in brights and then stencilled with a 'Queen Bee' design and waxed by hand.

We can also paint these stools in colours of your choosing and contrast or clash the stencil  – go as crazy or as calm as you like. These look great in a selection of pastels with floral or butterfly decoupage too.

Stools are available individually, as pairs or as sets. 

We are also able to do matching dining tables or other furniture to match or contrast – please contact us and we will find that special piece for you, repurpose it and make it magnificent!

Colours suggestions include:




Cobalt,  but we have many many more available.


Stools will require collection as they are bulky items. We can arrange a courier service for you - please contact us for a quote.

Measures: 101cm tall, Seat Height 69cm

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