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 You know how the old saying goes,

"Men are like wine - some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age"

And so does timeless decor.

Just like magpies, it is our intuitive desire to feel a powerful sense of attraction towards opulent possessions - yet they lack those human characteristics that are present within us all. With that said, we can infinitely connect with vintage items; as they are merely seeping with stunning imperfections which are bespoke to every one of us.  

That's why we adore vintage furniture and decor!  

Of course, it's always exciting buying new furniture for your home (why wouldn't it be?) but we do not always stumble upon what we've been dreaming of when looking for the perfect pieces to accommodate our tastes ...but hey- That's the ultimate beauty of revitalizing your furniture!

It's truly a heart-warming experience designing your own furnishings for your home, with the faith that they'll flaunt off your lovely abode effortlessly. All it takes is some simple tweaks and heaps of imagination! Oh, and an eye for design also comes into play! But hard-work pays off and you will fall in love with your stunning results over lifetimes.

Alas, not many people have a true interest in such furnishings. But why not?

Is it because it's just easier to buy a fresh product when they need it? Is it because they have to wait several weeks for their products to be completed? Maybe they do not know of a place where they offer unique refurbishments? Or perhaps the olde-worlde trend is not quite their cup of tea? 

With a bit of encouragement we aim to change their perception on recycling ancient, unloved furniture into the loveliest in town!

Mother Earth is thanking us for it, too!  

Unfortunately, it seems that not many people are too keen to become involved in recycling for various different reasons. Mostly because they're oblivious to the slow yet detrimental disintegration of the Earth...OR their laziness shrouds their judgement. (perhaps a discussion for another day) Either way, if we can encourage others to at least re-use their pre-loved furniture that's a huge step into a better world.

And! It can satisfy the artisans too! By incorporating artistic flair into furnishings - not only have we salvaged earth for another day, but we have given a grander meaning to our art! It once again serves as a useful purpose; thus inspiring more artists to consider a similar path!

So, we've agreed that it would be lovely if you shared your pictures with us on our social media sites  of your ancient loveables! Better still, if you've had furnishings from our shop that we've refurbished for you then it would be brilliant if you could share your furniture on our Facebook or Twitter page! We need to encourage others to visit our fantastic shop and recycle their once loved furnishings. Please share our blog posts, social media pages and website!

Below I have posted pictures of our stunning refurbishments!


Written by Jodie Furlong — February 25, 2016

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