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                                         The Wonderful World of Ellie Magpie

Here at Ellie Magpie, we evoke the true soul of vintage into all of our unique and eccentrically crafted products. Each day, our team, passionately pours their hearts and souls into our bespoke and timeless innovations. Constantly inspired, we pride ourselves on our work and enjoy entwining our artistic aspirations and inspirations- as well as an enormous lump of LOVE and CARE- into all of the products that we sell.

At Ellie Magpie, you're guaranteed to stumble upon what you've been dreaming of! The diverse range of products are limitless: from quirky duck chairs, to quaint decorations, to the sophisticated animal cushions and dainty, handmade jewellery for that special someone in your life. During the seasonal holidays, we also create gifts and decorations that are not only bursting with lively, festive spirits but possess unusual characteristics; suited for all types of genders, personalities, ages and interests! And the best part? You can request personal customization of products such as: Baubles, Cushions, Mugs etc.. 

Did you know that we also love to share our passion for creating with others, so we also provide classes for people to join? Throughout these classes, you could learn how to sew or how to create your own, perfectly handmade innovations...whilst feeling inspired by our team- along your exciting journey. Perhaps you've always desired a hobby, such as sewing, where you can learn and explore your interest further? Well, Ellie Magpie can grant you that opportunity. Just sign yourself up today if you are feeling daring!

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Apologies to all of our loveliest Magpies! It's been a while since we've blogged -but we have been relentlessly pouring our hearts and souls into crafting the perfect items for our customers- that we almost forgot about our blog! However, we want to get back into blogging and feel as though by posting a blog every week we could entice a wider interest in our store! Don't worry, we're lovely and we don't peck! (only on a Monday!)

Written by Jodie Furlong — February 17, 2016

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